2018. október 5., péntek

Fairytale Day

On 30th of September we celebrate the birthday of  Benedek Elek, a famous fairytale writer from our region. We initially intended to organize our event only on that day, but ... surprise, many children wanted to be with us! That's why we shall cellebrate on the whole month. 

Here is our program:  
1. Some children from the elementary classes will tell fairytales. 
2. Tom Thumb told by the librarian on his own version 
3. "Kreator or the birth of a fairytale" - puppet theater with the help of the objects and puppets chosen by the children. 

2018. június 15., péntek

Erasmus+ after Finland

We created an exhibition on our Erasmus+ meeting held in Finland.
The end of the school year was a good opportunity for dissemination, because the students had to get back their textbooks.
The librarian was the guide of the exhibition.

We did not forget our teachers too.

The librarian presented to them at their school year end meeting the Erasmus+ activity held in Finland.

2018. május 9., szerda

Europe Day Celebratiom

“Alone in a Foreign Country”, Europe Day Celebration in the “Liceul Teoretic Mikes Kelemen” school library.

Our 7th graders presented stories about their emigration in a foreign country during an imaginary war.   

2018. március 19., hétfő

New Members in Mikes Libray

The long waited moment arrived at last when our first readers became members of the Mikes Kelemen High School Library.
During an interactive class they discovered their library and learnt about it's rules.
Our new readers were very happy. They found a lot of interesting and beautiful books.
Thank you to  Mrs. Barabás Andrea and Mrs. Kató Zsuzsa for cooperation!

2016. február 27., szombat

Professional meeting at Tuşnad Băi.

The Harghita and Covasna County professional meeting was organized on 12.02.2016 at Căminul Cultural in Băile Tuşnad. "Motivating those unmotivated" was the title of the regional conference.

   The participants presented their best activities.
   Exchanged ideas about the future of school librarianship in Romania.

   Discuss about the dangers of the internet, and how can avoid these dangers the students with the help of the school librarian.


2015. december 15., kedd

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. 15 million students worldwide learned an Hour of Code.
The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. 
But without good reading skilIs our students can not do a really good job in computer programming. 
That's why the Mikes Kelemen High school Library entered in the project. 
-We want more! - the children enjoyed a lot the activity. 

Thank you to Barabás Andrea and Kákay Csilla, our schoolmasters for cooperation! 
About Hour of Code: http://hourofcode.com 

2015. október 31., szombat

International School Library Month

Adaptability is special  characteristic of schoool librarians because International School Library Month allows those in charge of school libraries around the world to choose a day, week, or the entire month in October to celebrate the importance of school libraries.
The Mikes Kelemen High School Library  organized a book exhibition on the works of Benedek Elek, our great folk story teller.

It become a tradition that our library organize the Reading Marathon during the International School Library Month.
Our 0-4 grader students and children from the Csipike Kindergarten listened the tales written by Benedek Elek, a very important Transylvanian writer.   Students from the 11th grade offered to read voluntarily to their younger friends.

We exchanged our bookmarks with Tin Shui Wai Methodist College/Hong Kong and  Escola Básica de Eugénio de Castro / Portugal. 

Thank you to our teachers, Török Katalin and Haszman Réka Júlia for the cooperation.

About the event: http://www.hirmondo.ro/web/index.php/cseperedo/71842-Mesemaraton-Mikesben.html
About Escola Básica de Eugénio de Castrohttp://www.escolaeugeniodecastro.pt/index.html
About Tin Shui Wai Methodist Collegehttp://www.tswmc.org