2009. április 5., vasárnap


We had 3 very hard weeks.

1. We organized with Erin Aldrich and Mike Luke two American Corners.

a) Erin was discussing about the different type of media with our readers.

b) Mike put us to think about the urban sprawl.

2. We had at least 1 movie projection/day in our library. But once we had 3!

3. We sent back Flat Bridgette to the readers of the Rose Hill Elementary School / Omaha / Nebraska / USA).

4. We were hosts of events which were not organized by our library.

a) The 4th graders were reading, drawing and discussing THE LITTLE PRINCE by Exupéry, supervised by Mrs. Forró Viola, their school master.

b) Some teams were preparing for The 8 Hour Competition, organized by our school.

5. Our Librarian participated at the conference organized by the Romanian Hungarian Library Association. Title of the conference: Librarians and the New Challenges.

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