2009. június 3., szerda


The Mikes Kelemen Days we celebrated with lot of events. Two of them were very important for our library.

On 29th of may our Hungarian literature teachers organized a reading marathon for our students in the library. It was a real success. A lot of cildren come to read in our library. They read parts from their favorite books.

On 31th of May students, teachers and the librarian from our school visited Zagon, the village of Mikes Kelemen (1690-1761), the writer after whom was named our school.
In Zagon we visited the local museum,

we ate a delicious goulash made by our students (Höncz Lilla and Maksai Helga),
and visited the trees of Mikes.

We did all the route (60km totally!) running, on roller skates and bikes.

The best sportsman was Márk Előd, our former student, who run about 25 km.

The librarian run 3 km, and rode 57 on bike.

The marathon was organized by our coach, Mr. Szőcs Levente.

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