2011. június 6., hétfő

World No Tobacco Day

On 31th of May our science teachers and the library organized a campaign against smoking.
1. We invited Mrs. Balogh Klára, the spokesman of the ''Together Against Cancer Association'' to discus with our upper grade students about the daily life of those who suffer of cancer, about their social and psychical problems. About these things the ordinary man knows and talk a little, usually avoid them.
2. Our students from the V-XII. grades, created during a contest, a lot of big posters against smoking. The posters are exposed during an exhibition in our school library hall.
3. The students from the I-IV. grades were drawing on the basketball field, which is next to our school library. Theme of the contest was: "Say yes for the beauty, say no to smoking!"
4. The experienced bikers were riding together with the librarian in the Mt. Baraolt. We accepted only those students who participated at least one cycling contest. We wanted to support Lance Armstrong, the great biker, who defeated the cancer and supports many people who suffer of this disease. We wanted to present also a new, healthy style of life to the other students.
We thank to the schoolmasters and to the art teacher for their cooperation!
Special thanks to the school principals for their support!
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