2013. március 29., péntek

USA Day in the Mikes Library

The programe: 
1. Developing reading competencies in the US school libraries
 Presentation by Mrs. Carolyn Walters,  librarian at Cove Creek Elementary School/North Carolina/USA 
Guests:  school librarians from Harghita, Brașov, Bacău, Covasna counties. 
2. On line meeting. Our 6th graders met the students from the Cove Creek Elementary School/North Carolina/USA.
The goal of the meeting:
-to practice the English language with a native speaker of the same age
-learn about the local customs and culture
A week before we already had a virtual meeting Cove Creek students, but this time Mrs Carolyn Walters helps them from the Mikes Kelemen High School Library! 
Thank you to Mrs.Bodor Katalin, our English language teacher for the cooperation.  
Thank you to the studentsof  of Cove Creek Elementary School for their generous donation: the books and the flag. 
About the activity you can read more: 
-in Romanian 
- in Hungarian 

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