2014. április 30., szerda

Our town on bookmarks

On April  our library organized together with the Art Studies a bookmark contest about the beauties, important buildings, monuments of our town. The 7th graders were the participants of the contest.
We received more then 50 bookmarks.We organized an exhibition in our library hall. .
Then, on 29th of  April, we organized the Mikes Library Bookmark Awards, and with the personal participation of our school principal, Mrs. Kerekes Dóra, we offered prizes to our "painters".
Székely Henrietta - 1st.  place
Vargha Kriszta -  2nd place
Farkas Edina - 3rd place
Szabó Eszter - 3rd place
Every participant won! Their bookmarks will arrive to a foreign school library students during during the International School Library Month.
Thank you to  Ms. Haszmann Réka Júlia, our Art teacher for the cooperation!  

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